What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the science (and art) of programming computers so they can learn from data.

General Definition:

Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. [Arthur Samuel, 1959 ]

Applied Machine Learning: Here applied means how to interpret the machine learning algorithms at a high level.

Why Machine Learning?

Consider how you would write a spam filter using traditional programming techniques.

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What is Django?

  • Django is a high-level Python Web framework that enables rapid development of secure and maintainable websites.
  • It follows Model View Controller (MVC) Design Pattern.
  • Django was invented to meet fast moving new room deadlines.
  • Started in 2003 as a internal project.
  • In 2005 released as a open source project.

What is a Web Framework?

  • A web frame work is server side application framework that design to support development of dynamic websites. Django is one of available frameworks for python.

Why Django?

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Scalable

Django’s Design Philosophy

  • Less Code
  • Fast Development
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)
  • Functionally Independent

A Blog By Amit

Hello World!

In this blog i will explain how to import data from Excel file into MySQL. Let’s see the implementation in Python.

Python Module Used:

  • pymysql : pyMySQL is a python library for connecting to a MySQL database server from Python.This module has lots of features like it mad CRUD operations simple.

To use this library you need to install. For installation use below command

pip install PyMySQL

If you want to know more pymysql then refer pyMySQL documentations using below link

  • xlrd : xlrd is a python library for reading data and formatting information from Excel file.

To install this library…

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What is Recursion?

Recursion is a technique where functions or methods makes a call to itself.

Let’s have a look of template of recursive function

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Python 3.9 is out. Here are the few new features you should know about.

  • Merging dictionaries

There is a new operator “|” that can be used to merge two dictionaries.

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  • Python
  • Interest in Data​

Why is the data required?​

Below are some of the examples where data plays very important role:

  • Social Network Analysis​
  • Sentiment Analysis​
  • Weather Prediction​
  • Financial forecasts​
  • Recommendation Systems​

Where is the data?​

Everywhere you look!​ In Structured/Unstructured form.

  • Dblp — co-authorship network​
  • Textual data​
  • Twitter​
  • Facebook​
  • Zomato​
  • Stack overflow​
  • Blogs​
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey(SDSS)

How to get it?​

Some organisations/websites which are helpful in getting the Data.​

  • API access (twitter)​
  • XML format (dblp)​
  • Zip files (snap, kaggle)​
  • Json format​
  • FITS (Image Astronomical Data)​

What can be done with the available data?

  • When you need large scale of data to conduct your own research.
  • When you want to do research in totally diversified area.

How To?

Using Below Techniques:


Module: Module generally is collection of functions.

Advantages of using modules:

  • Modules allows large programs to be broken down into small chunks of code.
  • Modules are developed separately but integrated into complex complete system which makes software development process effective.
  • Modules also help in program modifications and updations.

Lets have an example.

Note: By conventions modules are named in lower case.

As you can see in below snapshots that I have created two python files containing some functions.

Pic-credit: Google

Google India introduced the people’s card on Google Search.

  • So, now instead of showing your business card just ask them to search you on Google.
  • To get your own people card you just need an android or IOS device. Remember, the feature is not available on the desktop.

Steps to create your own people card:

  • Log in to your Google account on your device and search for “add me to search” OR just type in your name in the search.‘Get Started’ will appear for you.Tap on ‘Get Started’!
  • Fill all your details and socials and tap ‘Preview’ to review the card last time. Be careful while uploading phone number and Email, it’ll be shown publicly.
  • Tap on ‘Save’ and that’s it.Congratulation!, Now you have your own card on Google.

Here is mine:

What is Git?​

  • Git is Distributed Version Control System (DVCS)​
  • Created by Linus Torvalds, who also created Linux​
  • Started in 2005​
  • Written in Perl and C​
  • Runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, and many other operating systems​

Design Goal:

  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Strong branch/merge support​
  • Scales well for large projects​

Version Control System

  • Version Control System is the management system that manages the changes that you have made in your project until the end.​
  • Changes might be adding some new features or files. These changes are termed as different “versions”.​
  • Version Control system always keeps your older version neatly packed inside it. …

Pic source : Google

How using python?

We can extract tabular data from PDFs using camelot library in python with >90% accuracy and we can save into csv or excel file.

What is camelot?

Camelot is python based,MIT licensed ,open source library having following features:

  • Work well and configurable
  • We can debug and visualize using python matplotlib library
  • We can export output file as a csv or excel file
  • Camelot have excellent documentation

Installation :

Using Conda:

  • conda install camelot-py -c conda forge

Using pip (after installing tk and ghostscript)

  • pip install camelot-py[cv]

Note : It only works with text based PDFs not scanned documents.

Demo :

Sample code to extract table from PDFs

Others PDFs Extraction Tools Available:

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