What is Machine Learning?

Why Machine Learning?

Project Goal

django-admin startproject translation_example
python manage.py startapp example

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pip install deepface
pip install opencv-python
pip install matplotlib
from deepface import DeepFace

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SELECT column_name FROM table_name
SELECT * FROM table_name
SELECT DISTINCT column FROM table_name
SELECT COUNT(name) FROM table_name;

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sudo apt update
sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib
sudo systemctl is-active postgresql
sudo systemctl status postgresql
sudo pg_isready
sudo su - postgres
$ psql
psql (12.6 (Ubuntu 12.6-0ubuntu0.20.04.1))
Type "help" for help.
postgres-# CREATE USER dev_test WITH SUPERUSER PASSWORD 'root';
postgres’# create database testing;

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A Blog By Amit

Python Module Used:

pip install PyMySQL

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What is Recursion?

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Why is the data required?​

Where is the data?​

How to get it?​

What can be done with the available data?

How To?

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