Pic-credit: Google

Google India introduced the people’s card on Google Search.

  • So, now instead of showing your business card just ask them to search you on Google.
  • To get your own people card you just need an android or IOS device. Remember, the feature is not available on the desktop.
  • Log in to your Google account on your device and search for “add me to search” OR just type in your name in the search.‘Get Started’ will appear for you.Tap on ‘Get Started’!
  • Fill all your details and socials and tap ‘Preview’ to review the card last time. Be careful while uploading phone number and Email, it’ll be shown publicly.
  • Tap on ‘Save’ and that’s it.Congratulation!, Now you have your own card on Google.

Here is mine:

  • Thank you for reading. Please give it a try and have fun.

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